Monsterflex Serie 6


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After the success of our MonsterflexFunkybox brings you the MonsterFlex series 6!

The MonsterFlex are ready to fight! They are super elastic monsters, with powerful jaws and super stretchable!

It is a collection with a total of 14 different monsters filled with sand that you can stretch their arms or legs and they will return to their original form. This is Series 6 where you will find: Boia, Ghost Diver, Cyclops, Gladiator, Gorilla, Visible Man, Marine, Mummy, Fire Monster, Ice Monster, Octopus Pirate, Skeleton King, Spettro & Zombie Punk

There are two specials: The Invisible Man and the Skeleton King glow in the dark!

Collect all of them!

*From 30€ shipping is free. (Only available in shipments to Spain Peninsula).

Presentation: Box, Boia, Cyclops, Fire Monster, Ghost diver, Gladiator, Gorila, Ice Monster, Invisible Man, Mummy, Pirate octopus, Skeleton King, Soldier, Spettro, Zombie Punk