Mini Monsterflex

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Enter the world of Mini MonsterFlex! These little monsters come in a fun 2-pack blister pack. With a total of 10 different models (20 unique monsters in all), these characters are perfect for collecting and trading.

Key Features:

Soft, Stretchable Material: Made of soft, flexible material, Mini MonsterFlex are perfect for playing and squeezing.
Variety of Models: Each blister pack includes two unique monsters, with a total of 10 different combinations to collect.
Recommended Age: Ages 4 and up, these monsters are ideal for the youngest members of the household.

Purchase Options:

Individual Blister: Each blister contains two figures.
Complete Box: Get a complete box with 10 blister packs, ideal for collectors or as a gift.

Don’t wait any longer and complete your Mini MonsterFlex collection! These little monsters are ready for action!

Unidades: Esqueleto y Hombre de Negro, Gárgola y Espantapajaros, Hombre Lobo y Momia, Hombre del barro y Payaso, Hombre del Hielo y Hombre Lava, Hombre Tronco y Extraterrestre, Vampiro y Zombie, Caballero Fantasma y Fantasma, Pies Grandes y Frankestein, Caja de 10 blisteres


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